Sports Utility Vehicle

Sound Installation, 10’00”, Parked SUV/Car radio, 2010

At MANIFESTA 8 in Murcia, Spain, an abandoned S.U.V is parked outside the exhibition venue. The car radio plays a narrative sound piece, in English, Arabic and Spanish, describing a science fictional scenario where an S.U.V is driving from Cairo to Murcia, through the border-city of Melilla. In the futuristic wasteland described the border has lost its function - it has literally collapsed. Sports Utility Vehicle was reinstalled on a car radio at Critical Distance in Toronto.


Voices: Asunción Molinos and Osama Dawod


Thanks to: Tijana Miskovic, Tina Helen, Jorge Omar Pintos Wetsch and Townhouse Gallery.


The work is supported by: Manifesta – Eventos Paralelos and The Danish Arts Council.