Archipelago (No one is an island)

2 Channel HD Video, 37’05”, 2023

Archipelago (No one is an island) splashes heedlessly into a fictional exploration of the high frequency trading firm Archipelago and its existence in the strange socio-political, socio-economical and psychological reality of the proliferating internet and lives lived in wireless connectivity. In this business realm, human activity, unfolding in virtual spaces and directed by algorithms, is mainly left to perform the rituals that gives the bodiless stream a body; performing the myths of human ingenuity and dominance; repeating the hierarchical patterns that represent human social activity. The dramatic structure of the two channel video work shapes an archipelago in itself. Every character inhabiting the depicted environment forms an island within herself, literally plugged into a closed circuit; AirPods in ear; screen glued to face. Islands that seem to react upon one another even across time particulars and image frames.