Council of Citizens

HD Video, 11’50”, 2010

A citizen’s council is gathered to perform the ritual of the circle commune. The performance mirrors the ritualistic qualities of operating systems of politics - voting, border settlement and public statement. In Council of Citizens, local folkloric and political gestures intermix with contemporary global subcultural elements, creating a meeting between tradition and trend in the metropolitan subject.


DOP: Adam Jandrup
Production Manager: Tijana Miskovic
Assistant Photographer: Lui Mokrzycki
Music: August Fenger Janson (ELOQ)
Costumes: Marie Plum


The Council: Cindy Christina Diaz Eriksen, Majbritt Theil, Laila Billah, Anitta Winther, Anders Funch Brøbech Jensen, Randi Mikaelsen, Nino Miskovic


Hard Stylers: Mathias Eis Schultz, Mark Andrew Oglesby, Mikkel Wedel Olsen, Jonas Foss Elsgaard

Thanks To: Tina Helen, SBBU Rideskole/Marianne, FilmGEAR, Ditte Hegelund

Supported by: 6th International Liverpool Biennial, Ragnvald & Ida Blix Foundation, Danish Art Council