Disastrous Dialogue

HD Video, 10'00", 2011

Disastrous Dialogue focuses on the modern subject’s fixation on catastrophe images, here particularly the Hollywood-produced Catastrophe Cinema. Appropriating movie script dialogue from three major catastrophe movies, all written and directed by the German Director Roland Emmerich, Disastrous Dialogue sets out to challenge the mainstream viewpoint of disaster strategies. The script is translated into Arabic and performed by Egyptian actors, transforming the script through the voice of Hollywood cinema’s unrepresented. The film was shot immediately before the Egyptian Revolution and is dedicated to the actress Sally Zahran who perished during the brutal attacks on Egyptian demonstrators.


Cast: Hassen Ahmed, Sally Zahran, Ahmed Salah, Nadia Nady, Ensherah Mohammed, Ayman Abdelraouf, Huda Lutfi, Sayed Hafiz


Assistant Director: Amado Alfani
Casting: Ahmed Salah


Thanks to: The Townhouse Gallery Crew, Mido Sas, Dalia (Zero Productions), Tina Helen, Toke Lykkeberg


Supported by: Danish Arts Council and Townhouse Gallery, Cairo