HD Video, CGI, (Vertical 4:3, Horizontal 16:9), 7’45”, 2016

A rubber plant tells the tale of the time when it was almost eradicated on Stalin’s order due to it’s unwanted presence as bourgeois bric-a-brac in the Soviet collective and constructive communal housing environments. Moving through the model of a utopian commune construct inspired by the socialist architecture of the OSA Group, the plant hovers through a landscape of conflicting utopian ideas to finally enter a futuristic space-colonial anti-gravity architecture reminiscent of the socialist living structures of the past.


Animation: Laurence Weedy

Speak and Translation: Anastassia Neklioudova

Sound Design: Jacques Pedersen

Supported by: Danish Arts Council, KBH Kommunes Billedkunstudvalg, Grosserer L.F. Foghts Fond, Danish Arts Workshops, Danish Conductors Association, Overgaden – Institute for Contemporary Art.