Futurist Youth (In Defense of Billy Cutshaw)

2 Channel HD Video Installation, 8’22”, Print on Curtain (400 x 1400 cm), 2016

A group of teenagers, under the banner Futurist Youth, are conducting a ritual on the outskirts of Copenhagen. They are building a fire and to the energetic tunes of the punk rock band 0% they ceremonially set Ham, the first chimp in space, ablaze. In the afterglow of the settling fire the young futurists relay an article from The Moscow Times, reporting on an official enquiry into the validity of the American Moon Landing allegedly initiated by the Russian Government, read from the cold blue of a smartphone. Projected on a large curtain print of rocket ignition smoke the Futurist Youth Manifesto calls for the abolishment of space travel and speaks in defense of the astronaut deserter Billy Cutshaw.


Futurist Youth: Benjamin Bach Sejersen, Iben Sofie Lemvig Nielsen, Anna Hedegård Persson, Aydan Hasan, Emilie Faber, Isabella Pedersen, Sara Mikkelsen, Monique Dichmann, Melika Akyúrek , Julie Enstrøm, Isabella Rasmussen, Marie Johansen, Tonje Magnussen, Ellen Bjerre Aalling, Nancy Andrea Holm, Nadu Lawson og Rebecca Brolev


Kyrie Eliesson interpreted and performed by: 0%


DP: Adam Jandrup

1st Assistant Camera: Kasper Loft Bylov

Chief Lighting Technician: Noah Lynnerup

Lighting Technician: Kasper Mønster

Production Sound Mixer: Jonatan Jacoby

Production Manager: Camilla Agerskov

Production Assistant: Sissel Abel

Pyrotechnical Assistance: Flopper

Prop Design: Tina Helen

Sound Design: Jacques Pedersen


Thanks to: Tina Helen, Jacob Lillemose, Lui Gram Mokrzycki, Poi, Den Økologiske Produktionsskole, Flopper, Silas Inoue, Asbjørn Skou, Theis Wendt, Københavns Kunstskole, Produktionsskolen k-u-b-a, Falck, Forbo, By og Havn.


Supported by: Danish Arts Council, KBH Kommunes Billedkunstudvalg, Grosserer L.F. Foghts Fond, Danish Arts Workshops, Danish Conductors Association, Overgaden – Institute for Contemporary Art.