GAME Engine (Orange Bulletproof Kids)

4 Channel Video Installation, 30'00", Installed Elements, Graffiti by US Soldier in Ramadi, 2021

In GAME Engine (Orange Bulletproof Kids) we are invited to an exclusive press meeting at an undisclosed location. Here, the spokesperson of a notorious game developer, presents a brand new game engine. A game engine that promises revolutionary in-game experiences, the layout of which are never fully disclosed in protection of its intellectual property value. This oral evasive manoeuvre leads the spokesperson into complex landscapes in which game and reality, body and avatar, the sensorial and the informational, blend together. Parallel to this fiction scenario, a group of CS:GO athletes are recreating their game experiences, using their bodies as vehicles for motoric and visual memory.


Spokesperson: Sandra Yi Sencindiver


Personal Assistant: Dimitri Werner de Paiva


Bodyguards: Saba Hassan, Tolo Montana, Jin Suhr, Brown Chief Barthez


Press: Lars Rasmussen, Alexander Prout, Davide Hjort De Fabio, Camilla Jørgensen, Thea Lyngvig Hermann, Elyas Benaouisse, David Liu


CS:GO Athletes: Munni Chowdhury, Emon Subhan Chowdhury, Luca Leon Huelle, Mikkel Petersson, Mark Rentzmann Uhrbrand Kristensen


DP: Adam Jandrup

1st Assistant Camera: Mads Jørgensen

Producer: Christina König

Production Assistant: Christina Tranholm

Sound: Frej Volander Himmelstrup

1st Assistant Sound: Marc Breidfjord

Dolly Grip: Morten Jensen

Score Composer: Nerija Janickaite aka. Neri J

Make-up: Natalia Slowik

CGI: Anders Juul Jørgensen

Graphic Design: Tina Helen


Thanks to: Girls Legion, Sørby e-sport, Faxe Kalkbrud, Valhallen, Wow Factorym Kunsthal Aarhus’ Tekniske Hold, Kunsthal Aarhus’ Administrative hold, Dark Matter, Poi, Kunstakademiet - Institutt for samtidskunst, Bergen


Supported by: Danish Arts Council, C.A.C. Fonden, Knud Højgaard Fonden, Beckett-Fonden