Re-Re-Entry (Splashdown)

Mixed Materials, 2018

The Apollo 11 space capsule has re-re-entered our atmosphere. It has crash-landed in the fjord of Vejle, DK. There are no divers to greet it. No work press. No welcome committee or decontamination squad. The hatch remains sealed. No one is coming out.

Re-Re-Entry (Splashdown) presents a copy of the original Apollo 11 space module. It is built from plywood and bobs up and down in the water like a set piece.

Re-Re-Entry (Splashdown) suggests a small rip in our linear understanding of history, as the capsule, once reentering our atmosphere on the 24th of July, 1969, now re-re-enters displaced in time and space. Now the capsule invites us to imagine not only new nonlinear timelines, but also counter-narratives of the historical and political event.