SURVIVALISM (Capital Letters)

Polyvinyl Chloride, 60x630x5cm, 2017

The word SURVIVALISM is spelled out in large white Polyvinyl Chloride letters on a wall in public space. The letters resemble the lettering used above commercial businesses, but are strangely separated from any direct commercial association. As a signal without transmitter the word addresses passersby in the public realm with a message ripe for ambiguous interpretations. The ism-suffix suggests an ideological framework through which radically different situations and prospects for society, ecology and community can be considered in regards to the idea of survival. The sculpture SURVIVALISM (Capital Letters) forms a mysterious kind of question proposed into the urban space, with the possibility to change connotations in relation to the type of public space chosen for it’s installation - in a financial districts ‘survival’ may adhere to markets, crises, job situations, crashes or other related situations, whereas residential areas would probably read the word and relate it more to everyday live, socio-political situations, ecology, precariousness, community or other personal interpretations.