The Adaptation (No-thing me-lanch-oly ‘bout us)

3 Channel HD Video, 15’00”, Installed Objects, 2014

In an adaptation of Sartre’s World War II novel “Iron in The Soul”, as well as notes from his personal war diaries, The Adaptation (No-thing me-lanch-oly ’bout us) awkwardly bumps into the question of historicity and plunges head first into the pool of quotations and reenactments of bourgeois cultural production, perhaps only gracelessly dodging the fetish and flow-stopper of the Period Rush. Visiting simultaneously differing pasts, presents and futures, criss-crossing through a time-scape that does not really differentiate between fiction, authorization or the collectively remembered. Counter-remembering. Through this endeavor it tries to remember what it is to remember and how this is done in the madness of collectivity. The method of the filmic adaptation is used as an entry point into a contemplative exercise on the shared space of history, theater, war and cinema - be it in orchestrated machinic tracking shots or the bodily grittiness of the prosthetic action camera.


Mathieu Delarue: Stephane Lalloz

Longin: Christophe Vetter

Ménard: Anders Christophersen
Guiccioli: Roch Leibovici
Latex: Karim Chérif
Grimaud: Tancredi Volpert

As himself: Antoine


DP: Adam Jandrup

Executive Producer: Maurice M. Mohn
Producer: Maximilian Grabinger
Production Manager: Roman Remer
1 Assistant Director: Nina Rathke
1 Assistant Camera: Kleber Nascimento
2 Assistant Camera: Julian Rabus
Grip: Daniel Schneider
Gaffer: Nicolai Mehring
Electrician: Sebastian Klatt
Sound Mixer: Manuel Vogt
Boom Operator: Christoph Kozik
Costume Designer: Mareen Bildt

Make Up Artist: Isabell Kintzel
Production Assistant: Tobias Lau

Thanks to: FastLane Film, Tina Helen, Jasper Kettner, Charlie Gaugler, Valeria Schulte-Fischedick, Ute Werner, Toni Lebkücher and the whole Künstlerhaus Bethanien Crew.


Supported by: Danish Arts Council and Künstlerhaus Bethanien.