Wasteland (Embassy)

HD Video, 08'00", 2013

Wasteland (Embassy) is the third installment in the body of works: The Wasteland Series. The Wasteland Series works with a cinematic and narrative deconstruction of a given space. The videos situate these spaces in uncanny and dra­matic up-side-down versions, treats them as movie sets and then brings the spaces back to their status quo. The video work is then displayed in the space as evidence of something that has happened or is yet to happen. The Wasteland Series works in between a notion of recollected past and predicted future, creating a space of contemplation directed towards the experienced now. In Wasteland (Embassy) the scenario de­picts a breakdown of diplomacy arranged inside the Danish Embassy in Madrid. The embassy appears as abandoned in a hurry, all diplomatic relations cut off. The office hallways bare witness to a long night of document eradication, software deletion and a thorough evidence sweep. The clean sweep operation is left unfinished and the left over traces fill the space in a chaotic, almost catastrophic, mess; a landscape of bureaucratic paranoia and resignation.


DOP: Adam Jandrup


Thanks to: Sarah Maria Bogantes and the entire staff of The Danish Embassy in Madrid


Supported by: The Danish Arts Council, Nikolaj Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center and The Danish Embassy in Madrid